theorycast.56 :: Is “MINE” the future of magazines?

Thanks to @JessManocchio and @joonian, I’ve got my first issue of MINE. It’s an experimental, personalized magazine from Time Warner Inc. Is it a worthy mashup or a frankenstein of a magazine? See what I’ve to say.

MINE: My Magazine. My Way.

What is Mine magazine?

  • A free five-issue, 10-week, experimental magazine
  • User-mashup of five Time Warner/American Express Co. magazines
  • Personalized magazines end up with 56 possible combinations
  • MINE has been compared to a printed, expanded RSS feed
  • 36-page print edition for first 31,000 respondents
  • Online version goes to remaining 200,000 respondents
  • MINE magazine has mobile reader version, including a Blackberry app
  • Features four single-page ads for the Lexus 2010 RX
  • Lexus ads personalized based on subscriber’s geography and taste (see video)
  • Probably environmentally friendlier than traditional distribution
  • Magazine personalization isn’t new: Xerox helped subscribers put their own photo on the cover of WIRED (March-July, 2007)

mine - the future of magazines?

USA Today: Made-to-order magazine lets readers choose by Ryan Nakashima (March 18, 2009)
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